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The North Canterbury Sport & Recreation Trust and MainPower Stadium run two Walking Netball programmes for players of all ages and skill levels.

Social Walking Netball is held on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings and is ideal for individuals to attend on a week-to-week basis without having to organise or commit to a team.  This makes it perfect for players who are retired or stay at home parents, or anyone who wants to play without the hassle of organising a team. 


Cost is $5 per week. 


Very social and supportive environment and often players will stay around after the Tuesday morning sessions for a coffee and a chat.

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Tuesdays at 9:30am

$5 per session

Programme includes some time for warm up and drills, followed by a game or two.

Just come along on your own or with some friends and we'll mix you up into teams so you'll meet more people as you play.

Stay around afterwards for a coffee and a chat at MainPower Stadium's Bellgrove Cafe.

If you would like to know more email:

Walking Netball
Rules Clarification

We have been fielding some questions around the rules for Walking Netball as some of them differ slightly to normal netball rules.  The changes are simply to make the game more relevant for a wider variety of player skills and mobility.

Here are the basic rules...

  • No obstruction – you must be 0.9m from any player with the ball including when they step in

  • No contact with other players

  • No running or jumping – at  least 1 foot on the ground at all times

  • You can hold the ball for 4 seconds

  • A player may receive the ball with one foot grounded and then take TWO steps while in possession of the ball before it is thrown or shot. We have made a quick demonstration video of this here.

  • All other standard netball applies.

See the Competition Rules Link above for more

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