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The courts at MainPower Stadium are available for a range of different sporting codes as casual or repeat bookings (depending on availability)

MainPower Stadium is set up to host a wide range of sports both socially and competitively.  From clubs games and trainings to local and national sporting tournaments, MainPower Stadium will become the hub for indoor sport in NC.   

MainPower Stadium’s high quality sprung floor is permanently lined for...

• Basketball (4 courts)
• Netball (4 courts)
• Futsal (4 small & 1 full size courts)
• Volleyball (4 courts)
• Badminton (6 courts)
• Korfball (1 court)

  • Pickleball (using Badminton lines)

We provide all goals, poles, hoops, nets and other equipment to set up each court configuration - all you need to do is provide balls, racquets etc for you game.

We also have a Dr Dish Basketball Shooting Machine available for hire.


NON-MARKING SPORTS SHOES ARE ESSENTIAL ON ALL COURTS.  No street shoes, boots, heeled shoes etc are allowed on courts.

Between each court is a drop down divider curtain and the ability to provide audio microphone and or music.

Each court has its own scoreboard suitable for a huge variety of sports, and as court 3 is the "show court" it has an extra large scoreboard.

MainPower Stadium has retractable seating for 500 people that can be moved adjacent to any court, and we also have moveable seating for an additional 200 spectators.

MainPower Stadium will also be able to host a limited number of community or corporate events such as awards ceremonies, expos and shows.

For casual or drop in court bookings please phone MainPower Stadium reception on 03 975 5560

Email: mainpowerstadium@sportstrust.org.nz


To find out about hiring the sports courts for a more regular booking, tournament or event contact the Stadium Manager

​Paul Dunn

Ph:  021 140 5785

Email: pdunn@sportstrust.org.nz


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COnditions of entry for major events

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Walking Netball
Rules Clarification

We have been fieldins some questions around the rules for Walking Netball as some of them differ slightly to normal netball rules.  The changes are simply to make the game more relevant for a wider variety of player skills and mobility.

Here are the basic rules...

  • No obstruction – you must be 0.9m from any player with the ball including when they step in

  • No contact with other players

  • No running or jumping – at  least 1 foot on the ground at all times

  • You can hold the ball for 4 seconds

  • A player may receive the ball with one foot grounded and then take TWO steps while in possession of the ball before it is thrown or shot. We have made a quick demonstration video of this here.

  • All other standard netball applies.

pickleball 02.jpg

coming to mainpower stadium 2023

Pickleball is one of the world's fastest growing sports.  Incorporating aspects of tennis, badminton and table tennis it is easy to learn and suitable for a wide range of ages and skill levels.


We're looking to introduce a formal Pickleball programme to the North Canterbury community with social and competitive formats at MainPower Stadium starting early 2023.  Days and times will depend on court availability, but we'll try to offer daytime and evening options.  We'll supply all the gear - we just need the players!

We'd love to know what level of interest there is in the community as we start our planning.  So if you are keen to give Pickleball a try please email: tkean@sportstrust.org.nz


In the meantime if you are interested in giving Pickleball a try we have one net and four paddles available to hire right now.  You'll need to book a badminton court ($29 per hour) and mention to staff you want to play Pickleball so they can set up the net for you.

To book...

Email: mainpowerstadium@sportstrust.org.nz
or phone: 03 975 5560