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Group fitness classes at Stadium Fitness Centre will be able to be booked online or through the GymMaster App or the link below.

Below is the timetable and descriptions of the different class option available

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interactive group fitness

PRAMA STRONG is the programme designed for those looking to transform their body or develop an athletic figure.  Based on the latest scientific evidence, this programme offers a multi-series workout in order to accumulate muscle tension and optimise the exercise.

Based on high-performance training, PRAMA ATHLETIC relies on work in supersets that combine high intensity cardio with strength exercises.  You can be certain that you’ll improve your strength, speed, agility, and stamina.

PRAMA ENERGY is for those looking for an experience instead of a simple workout.  Inspired by the concept of functional training, you’ll perform a circuit of exercises that work on the fundamentals of movement and follow the latest trends, as opposed to classic muscle-focused training.

PRAMA ACTIVE is a lower intensity version of all PRAMA options, ideally suited to those new to exercise, people recovering from certain illness or injury, and seniors.

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revl GT
next level Group training

REVL ATHLETIC is a great way to get lean, fast and fit.  Expect rowing, biking and cardio intervals hitting your largest muscle groups with exciting variations of power, speed and endurance.


Designed to blast calories and suit all fitness levels.
REVL STRENGTH is here to get you strong, lean and fit with full body dynamic resistance training.  Expect a combination of equipment and body weight exercises.  This is your ultimate after-burner workout.

REVL PLAY pushes you to the next level, mixing up strength, cardio and fun challenges, Using a wide range of toys in the studio, you’ll be working out to repetition, time and distance challenges, finding yourself going further than you thought possible. This is game day, come play.